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If you’re looking for sites that can help you connect with other writers, these are the ones I’ve personally participated in and found helpful. (Asterisks* indicate communities I currently subscribe to.)

The Writer’s Sanctuary Red Herrings Society* – New York Times bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and coach C.J. Redwine and bestselling author, speaker, teacher, & marketing director Mary Weber launched Red Herrings Society in 2023. To quote them directly, here’s what RHS is about: “A community combining all the things writers WISH they had – monthly teachings, publishing opportunities, networking, free access to online classes, group writing sessions, chances to access FREE coaching calls and edits, community, and more!” It’s an amazing community of fantastic writers, and the monthly subscribers-only webinars are incredible.

Inked Voices* – a writing site dedicated to providing workshopping opportunities via their communities. It’s a fantastic way to stay accountable and connect with other writers, plus they offer writing

Manuscript Academy* – With different subscription options, Manuscript Academy offers frequent classes, talks with industry professionals, challenges, and even monthly paid opportunities to submit your work for critique by agents or editors. – with a free level as well as paid subscription options, London Writers’ Salon hosts daily writing sessions where you can write alone with others at 8am London GMT, 8am London (GMT), 8am New York (ET), 8am L.A. (PT), and 8am Melbourne, AUS (AEDT). Join one or join them all! It’s a lovely spot to land for an hour and work.

Angela James’ Book Boss Author Community – a paid membership with a deeply supportive, helpful writing community.

Scribophile – a writer’s community that offers both free and paid versions, you can earn points by giving feedback to other writers so that you can post your own work for feedback.

Jessica Brody’s Writing Mastery Academy – Of Save the Cat Writes a Novel fame, Brody’s Writing Mastery Academy gives you access to writing courses, live webinars, and an online community of passionate writers.

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