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The Quasi-Quitter

When I was about six or seven years old, my incredibly wise mother made a decision that stripped all the mystery and rebellion out of…

Letting Go Before the Glue Sets

The floor, through no fault of its own, is hanging on when I want it to let go. I’m irritated that someone would take such a stupid shortcut that was more expensive in the long run to “fix” a floor. And now it’s taking pry bars and hammers and sore shoulders and brute force to get it to let go. And this experience is exactly what I needed right now.

High Low

In the grand scheme of things, the worst thing that can happen in my job is for the wrong message to go out. Google “Pending Larry Quote” and you’ll see where Google themselves did this.  We all have a “Pending Larry Quote” scenario – whether it’s an incomplete draft, an underprojected budget, showing up for an appointment on the wrong day or tripping in front of a billion people like Jennifer Lawrence did on The Academy Awards.