Rituals of Thought

My inner English librarian – who sounds like Dame Maggie Smith and dresses like the Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey – says, “The girl who was constantly critical is now faced with one of the biggest challenges/opportunities of her life and her own brain is reminding her of times when she succeeded? Preposterous!”

But there it was.  Staring me in the third eye. One of my own most-successful-rituals reminding me that this isn’t a time to be doubtful of my abilities.

How I Became an Identical Twin

Originally published September 19, 2017 on Elaine Ambrose’s hysterically funny blog Getting a house ready to sell is an excruciating process. It’s like having a colonoscopy every day for a month that culminates in the doctor finding $50,000 in your ass. I’d owned this home for 11 years, and suddenly I was in the position toContinue reading “How I Became an Identical Twin”

Passion patiently awaits you to accept its presence

Passion isn’t something you stumble upon in the dark or find in the arms of another, Nor is it a rush of energy or an intrinsic spot you can place your thumb upon. Sometimes nameless, sometimes bold-type obvious – passion is quiet. Soul shifting, small pulses, it awaits until its whisper is heard, And thenContinue reading “Passion patiently awaits you to accept its presence”